Cyber bullying has taught me one thing. Self esteem is at an all time low. Bullies come in all shapes and sizes, and so do victims. If both groups have a chip on their shoulders, then there can never be any healing. Instead of just trying to deter it through punishment or ignoring it, we should be boosting self esteem so that people feel they have worth. With worth, the words of others are merely just words because the person believes themselves to be worth something other than the insults, the trolling, and the downright disrespect for a fellow human being. Worth also instills respect in those who throw the insults and institute the trolling. Also, it has helped me be more of a mediator, rather someone who ignores what is going on. I try to be available to in a world of distrust, so that I can spread a more positive message of peace, love, unity and respect. If we can instill the golden rule of loving your neighbor as yourself back into the minds and hearts of a majority, then we can achieve a more proactive end to this horrific epidemic of bullying.


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